Etsy Find- Cocette Couture

I love this collection from Barcelona based Cocette Couture. Check out the website featuring beautiful washed silk pieces and an african wax print cotton that translates beautifully into a jumper and a darling mini dress. Cocette manages to translate one or two simple fabrics into a variety of gorgeous pieces.


Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of this store called Susie's Deals!

They carry clothes for everyone, men's, women's, and kids too. I always know that I can walk in to one of their stores a come out with a big bag of really cute stylish stuff for $25! Everything in the store is sold for $5.99 or less and you can even find things that are 2 for $5.99!

rachel said...

gorgeous print on that top photo!

Ashley L. said...

i like these pictures, especially the jacket/top. its very fun!

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