Doo Ri

Doo Ri is one of my absolute favorite designers for her innovate approach to shape. The designer blends and drapes billowing layers of fabric in the most inimitable ways ever; creating pieces that are striking, sexy, and undeniably...womanly. I'm big on contrast in design and one of my favorite elements of Doo Ri is the way one piece will be draped at the front and complemented by a plunging back. Good coming or going; now that's design. See all of the collections and contact here.


Sara said...

I agree, contrast in design is great, whether it be color, texture, or form.
I love how the fabric drapes in these pieces, too.

Charlotte said...

I definitely see what you mean about shape and contrast. These look really interesting.

In Spades said...

Doo.Ri's drapery is incredible. I can't get over how flattering the shapes are on the female body. Very talented.

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