Black Box Nation

You won't believe me when I tell you what you're looking at...are you ready? The components of a fuse box and a reed switch. I met Emily of Black Box Nation at the Coutorture launch party last week and her necklace (below) stuck in my mind. Then she described it to me and somewhere between math and science meets fashion I was pretty darn interested. Emily and Diana are intent on making math and science accessible through fashion and creating an evolution through which fashion and technology can merge. I wonder if they can put a blow dryer and flat iron on a necklace? Meet the gals and find their incredible products here.


katie said...

That is way cool!!! Love that top necklace. What an interesting idea.

Charlotte said...

Wow! That first necklace was class the moment I saw it, and then I read what it was made of and I was ten times more impressed. Cool!

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