Bliss Lau

Secrets out....I'm obsessed with bags. Not very well kept huh? Who needs to when Bliss Lau makes such cute bags. My guess is that when the trend of the half-my-body-hobo is over Bliss Lau will still be around. The bags have unique shapes, understated details, and great texture. Brooklyn based Bliss (grin) takes inspiration from her native Hawaii and musical instuments to create very original designs. Above is the accordian which can be purchased for a song... sorry, couldn't help it.


Erica said...

Can you please respond and tell me how to contact Bliss Lau. I'm an independent rep in Florida and would like to carry her line of handbags-- perfect for so many of the boutiques in my territory. I'm looking to add one handbag line and really want hers! Can't find any contact info on the web site. Thanks so much! Erica

Clothes-Pin said...


Here is what I found from the site.

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