Alexandra Vidal

The name sounds familiar right? Alexandra Vidal was one of the designers on season two Project Runway (she was the 6th designer cut). I found out she was a part of Gen Art and I must say I loved what I saw. Alexandra's look is very current with vintage influences; in this case I like that it's not just a pin or a trim but the actual fabrication that has a vintage flair. Alexandra's site is not very current, (hopefully that means she's pretty busy) but you can see the growth between the style showcased and her past collections. Maybe Project Runway is really good for allowing designers to expand their style.


Sara said...

Very impressive. (And hope you had a great birthday weekend!)

Jessica said...

I think Project Runway is a great place for people to get their name out there. It seems like a lot of the people who were on are pursuing their fashion goals and doing it successfully.

bea said...

actually, the dress on the left is really similar to the bridal dress alexandra made on project runway.

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