Ingwa Melero

I know...I know. It's not that you haven't heard of them for goodness sakes, but you must admit their work is lovely. Nike Ingwa and Tina Melero grew up as friends in a small town in Germany and spin cycle years later they are now a design team with quite a following. The duo launched the colection in 2001 and incorporated their mothers handcrafting techniques into feminine silhouettes. What I love in particular is that the collection (especially the dresses) allows a younger customer to incorporate a very sophisticated silhouette into their wardrobes, yet it's still fresh and contemporary. Check them out here or find the looks above at Girlshop.


Sara said...

I also like how they use color to achieve that sophisticated-but-young look. Beautiful and fun.

Magarite Elaine said...

I love the grey gown. The silhouette is very lean and elognated. A great gown for the Emmy's.

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