Kirrily Johnston

I discovered Kirrily Johnston through the Elizabeth Charles boutique and have fallen hard for this one. Kirrily is only a few seasons old but has developed a collection that has already settled into a signature. My favorite aspect of this line is that it's designed from a very simplistic point of view. A few bold hues (orange and blue for spring) balance a neutral palette, but she plays with shapes and details alot; I think it has a wonderful childlike quality while remaining sophisticated and very wearable. Love the dress in the middle.

sorry so long to post today, blogger had issues :)


Jessica said...

i like the photo shoot for these clothes, including the brightly colored heels that pull these outfits together.

Nice find! I love peter pan collars.

Sara said...

I love the bright, strappy heels shown with each of these looks, too!

And I agree with you that these clothes are sophisticated in a playful way that makes them very wearable. A quality similar to the feel of the Ingwa Melero designs you posted about recently.

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