Gogo Borgerding

Joi emailed me last week about SCAD artist Gogo Borgerding and I immediately understood her obsession. New Orleans based Gogo graduated from SCAD in 2000 and has been crafting bold, colorful jewelry since; each piece is pierced, sanded, and riveted by hand resulting in a contemporary work of wearable art. I believe you have to email to place an order but a few bracelets can be found at scadonline.

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Amy said...

I always love it when my fellow students and alumni get recognition! You have to come down to Savannah someday and visit the college's store. I often found myself heading there after work and just look at the jewelry for what seemed to be hours on end. The talent in the metals + jewelry department is outstanding.

Thank you for featuring one of our own! (oh and I tried that cuff! It's AWESOME)

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