Summer Friday- The Black Spot Books

I came across this on Daily Candy today and had to share the love; I get a serious kick out of everyday items done in new ways. Margaux creates her jewelry from pages of old books sandwiched between acrylic, which is then shaped and sanded to perfection. Packaged in pouches made from old tee shirts and pillowcases, the pieces are unique and a great way to repurpose vintage materials. Check out the jewlery and other cool items from The Black Spot Books.

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Anonymous said...

I love the nature theme and the vintage style.

Last week I received my lastest love, a bird on a nest necklace from Moss Mills. I have already gotten a zillion compliments on it.

So, now I am eyeing a deer ring of theirs that I saw in Elle last month. I think I may be hooked!

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