Call To Designers

I've been toying with the idea of a lookbook for some time now, but of late more retailers have approached me with problems contacting designers, finding wholesale information, etc. I'd like to launch an edited (but simple) lookbook on Clothespin that will include address, phone, email, etc for selected designers. I hope to launch it by September in time for the shows, and though it is not necessary for inclusion I will lean more towards including designers who have little or no sales representation.
Please email me at clothespinblog@gmail.com for consideration.

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An Aquarian Thought said...


How did I niss this site? I've been an avid blog reader for over 2 years but never came across this one until today, via flygirl.

Keep up the great work!

PS, great idea about the look book ;)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Will this be like the Trunkt or PinkGray LookBooks?

Clothes-Pin said...

Not as extensive as I don't have the time or html knowledge as yet.
I also am not charging so simple will have to do for now ;)
It will be in the same vein as my regular posts in C-pin; with the intent to bring new or as yet unheard of designers to the contemporary audience. And certainly designers who are ready to handle wholesale business.

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