Sales Rep help- Anna Corinna

There is a retailer in MA looking to add the fabulous bags by Anna Corinna to her merchandise mix. I've looked high and low to find no sign of a website. If there is anyone who can send any information along regarding a sales rep, please email clothespinblog@gmail.com. Some women in MA will be eternally greatful to have an opportunity to purchase these :)

photo credit: active endeavors


Anonymous said...


Anna Corinna is the accessories designer for the "foleyandcorinna" label. The number for the store might be able to provide wholesale information.

Kim Gobbi said...

Thank you so much! I called Foley and Corina and was directed to the Steven Alan Showroom. I know my customers will be pleased to have me offer this line as there is no one else in my area that does! It's so nice to be able to resource this way. Thanks to Karen for a great Blog!

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