Lynne Larson

Do you hear that? It's the door slamming as a pair of footless tights and platforms go back into the closet. Aaah to be put away forever...well until spring 2008 when the fashion industry runs out of ideas again. Camouflage anyone? It's becoming a shock to see design that's not
1- too easy or 2- ridiculously overdone. Do you really need a Swarovski studded cotton tank? When I discovered Lynne Larson I knew it wasn't over yet; Lynne creates a contemporary sportswear collection with a focus on fine details. Waistbands, buttonflys, and closures all have a special something to enhance your experience. Hear that? Yep, it's quiet design. See the collection here.

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Sara said...

Both of these looks are amazing!
I'm always impressed with what you feature on your blog.

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