Lara Kazan

I know, I know. It's 80 odd degrees and I'm talking about knitwear. Turn on your AC and bear with me for a minute. Lara Kazan creates these hand knit and crocheted accessories with a vintage feel and I just love them to death. I couldn't wait til Fall to tell you about her. Forgive me? Take a look at the rest here (she makes the cutest hats in the world) and don't skip the sale section.


The Changing Room said...

Great blog!

Ceije said...

Wow I love both of those... and I have always been the one who has been against legwarmers. Those ones are pretty amazingly cute!

Sara said...

Who knew leg warmers could be so chic! I wasn't sure if that's what they were, but a look at Lara Kazan's site confirms that the darling knits on the model's legs are in fact leg warmers. And the color is fabulous, too.

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