Admit it, as much as you love your buckled, studded, colorful bags, it's nice to see something a little lighter. Summer bag maybe? Nepacena takes care of that with her oilcloth and canvas bags. The three styles are offered in refreshing colorful patterns with the intent of being an easy carryall...keys, lipstick, diapers...diapers?? Well, when it's time to tote around diapers I wouldn't mind a cute hobo bag at all. Those plaid multi pocket things give me the heebie jeebies. Check Nepacena out here.


decor8 said...

Hey that bag is pretty! It looks like this fabric from contemporary cloth, doesn't it?


clothes-pin said...

Hey Holly, that's something else. I think it may be the very same fabric; well kuddos to her for looking at fabric from a different light. In the meantime I'd like some pillows from the brown one :-)

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