Erin Mahoney

Don't laugh, but when I was younger I imagined myself as the type of woman who wore dainty gloves, a smart suit, and a pillbox hat atop my coiffed hair. Obviously I was some decades behind the trend, but that's when women really knew how to dress...now muffin tops and too tight clothing reign. Designer Erin Mahoney revives this feminine decade with her collection; her inspiration aside from color and texture are formality, theatrical performance, and drama. Love it! Learn about Erin and see the collection here.

photo credit: michelle blioux

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Stereoette said...

for christmas, i bought my grandmother this gold brocade jacket at banana republic with a very 50's cut - bracelet sleeves, oversized collar, slightly boxy. i got it because i had a picture of one of her hats which it would match perfectly... one of probably 50+ hats, i might add.

the girl at the counter asked me if my grandmother was "trendy."

i just smiled, but at easter, my 89 year old grandma looked mighty good, rockin' that new jacket and a little brown pillbox.

good hats never go out of style.

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