Graham & Spencer

The designers behind the well loved Velvet tees have brought a whole new dimension to the contemporary market with Graham & Spencer. Filling a need for a young contemporary look with a luxurious take on design, Jenny and Toni are launching their namesake this fall. The shapes are mature, the materials are soft and relaxed yet serious, and the look is still fresh. Well done ladies; it sits well in the market but many of the items I can see including a wide group of consumers. Now maybe moms can stop wearing their daughters clothing; amazing how that took such a turn for the worse. Ah well, I digress. Check out the collection here or find a great sampling at shopbop.

images courtesy: shopbop

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Jessica said...

I adore that tunic, that is my new shape for Fall with leggings or tights and boots...I just adore the whole feeling.

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