Mooka Kinney

I have to admit when worn correctly I adore the new "child-like" trend of the loose unstructured dresses. I draw the line at the one piece shorts-jumper-thingy though, they expose way too much on a grown woman (scroll to middle of the page). Anyway, I was throughly excited to find Mooka Kinney in this weeks WWD. Their collection purposely embraces the inner child with simple shapes, vintage patterns, and cute as a button...buttons. There's always room in life to be a kid, and what's better than being a cute and stylish one! Check out the collection here.


ms. spinach said...

i love these pictures! (both the clothes and the brownstone background -- really cute.) thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

i can't really tell what the dresses are like, the photos seem not to really highlight the clothing. are there prorssional company photos anywhere or just that stuff?

Clothes-Pin said...

I do believe that these are the only photos. Maybe contacting them can garner you a press kit or some hi res images.

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