Born in Thailand and raised in Nebraska, designer Thakoon Panichgul has plenty of inspiration to influence his collections. What you might expect though is far from what Thakoon sees when constructing a garment; his most prevalent inspiration is the luxury of the past, but don't call this line vintage. He makes it a point to be 'forward-looking while respectuful of the past' creating a collection that is decidely modern. Expect to hear his name soon as he's up for a CFDA award, I'll keep you posted if he wins. In the meantime he's not doing too shabby at all, the collection can be found at Barney's among other high end retailers.


Kim said...

I absolutely love Thakoon, and I love the born in Thailand raised in Nebraska thing. It's so eclectic.

Nikki said...

Hey there! Thanks so much for the add to the blog roll. I just updated my blog tonight which explains why I have been MIA recently. Great post today. I will try to catch up on your archives this week. Hope all is well! -Nikki

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